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    Hello all! I have recently started studying figures and I wanted to get some critique. What do you feel like I should keep in mind when doing figure studies?

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    Line quality! These proportions are killer. And the movement is great, these are not stiff figures.

    I am not trying to be meen but it looks like you are scratching the page with a finger nail. I don’t get any sense of core shadow, the lines do not describe the form, and the outline looks like it was scribbled in with a fat sharpie.

    I am opting to be upfront with you because I feel like the figures themselves are good and they could be amazing. There is a couple of directions you could go with these. You could go the drawabox.com route and try to draw it clean lines and fill in the shadows with pure black. Or you could do guesture drawing and prioritize complete lines over accurate ones. Or you could go a constructive route and break the figure into cylinders and and boxes.

    Anything you do is fine. You don’t want figure drawing to feel like a coloring book outline that you are filling it. It should feel like you are carving the surface bouncing between adding and subtracting.

    you are going to improve so fast, keep it up


    The hardest part is the initial drawing, rendering it out is easy. So you have achieved the bulk of the difficult work already


    you are absolutely right and you are not being mean lol. my line quality is pretty bad i know. do you know any resources and practices to get better line quality?


    Drawabox.com would do wonders for you on the part of the outline. Love life drawing.com has a 10 day fresh eyes challenge that is great for improving the movement of the figure although that is clearly not your problem. I just signed up for new masters academy. That is amazing and worth the cost. The other suggestions are free. The Vilppu drawing manual would be a very helpful book.


    i think drawabox is my next destination then. Thank you again for the critique


    Hi there! I think you can improve more on your strokes first, like doing warmup sections with drawing long and straight lines. And for the figure drawings i think u can focus for the line of actions instead of the outline shapes :)
    I hope my feedback is useful for u :)


    Good evening Kapahab, and greatest job on your range of motion and mood and anatomy and silhouetes and relationships, but I'm need to see and want to see even more ultimate confident lines of action and the broadest strokes. How would you please like to do some 30 minutes of 30 second sketches of figures, 30 minutes for the dominant hand, and 30 minutes for your non-dominant hand.

    The reason why you could and would and should do this drawing exercise is because of two things or so: 1) to get you to think about observation in drawings. and 2) to get the broadest and funniest feeling with your caricatures and exaggerations in figures and such. For furthest influence and inspiration for your gesture drawing applications, look this up, it can really and ultimately help you out.

    Good luck and I hope this has totally and absolutely benefited you and your studies.

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