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    Hello! I'm relatively new to gesture drawing and would really appreciate some critique: https://sta.sh/021jfysacqaa

    I find that it's difficult for my lines to be more loose(?), I'm always a bit lost on the head placement, and I tend to worry about getting the anatomy rather than the 'flow' of the pose correct, among other issues. Any advice would be helpful, thank you!

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    Looks great, good job on proportions


    Good morning or afternoon, rainiicafe, and welcome to LOA, how are you doing today? Awesome job on showing off your flow and rhythm and tempo of the lines. Keep pushing yourself farther and further.

    Yet, these sculpted forces of the figures could need some more strong lines and shapes, CSI-wise. Would you care to loosen up your arms and hands with 30 minutes of 29 second pose sketches? As a result, you'll focus less on the forms and details, also you can pay more attention to the looseness of the lines of action and lines of balance and rhythm.

    This is the video.

    Good luck to you and your march of the learning curve.

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