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    Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

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    You look like your doing very well much better then me I wish I could say more


    no need, thanks for the comment!


    Great job on your gesture drawings and quicker sketches, eteng. So far, so good. Greater range of motion and emotion, indeed.

    I've got one current question: What are you currently working on today or tonight?

    My criticism, I love how much action and speed you're going with, but I'm not seeing enough of that TLC (Tender Loving Care) in your quickest sketches of the poses. Would and could you kindly loosen and lighten up your lines with 30 minutes of 1 minute poses?? (30 of 'em!)

    The reason is because, it can and will be able to help your stenghten up your lines of action, balance and rhythm.

    Have the nicest time drawing.


    The blue drafts show how you work mostly from a circular motion, which gives your drafts a very aestethique appeal. In your red drafts I feel like focusing on the masses of the torso more (skull, ribcage, hip) would help you solve some problems better.


    Excelent use of line and motion! figures feel dinamic and alive! No notes.


    Only thing I could say is that you lost the form of the ribcage in the second drawing. But nothing to add other than that.


    Your drawings are excellent (in my opinion), just don't miss focus in feet (in blue ones) and your 6th blue draw has a mistake? in the ribcage?. I love the forms in red you made, i'm just wondering if you put the same "lines" in all heads.

    Sorry if my english has mistakes. Greetings from México


    if you mean the cross on the head, then yeah i use them in most of my gestures. helps me establish the orientation, which i think is important in the pose

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