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    Hi! I never realy did gestures like this, but so far I like the set up I have. I plan to do gestures for longer time sets so that I can put more details and accuracy. Any tips or advice would be helpful.

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    These are so good for thirty seconds, especially for someone who hasn't done much of them before! You've captured a lot of the energy of the poses, which is so important for figure studies! I feel like to build off of these to do them for a longer period, it might be nice to focus more on the structure and proportions of the figures instead of the energy - since it seems like you already have that down in your base sketch! My advice is to try to diversify the structure and proportions of your poses, since a lot of these look like the same figure in different poses rather than different people. But again, in thirty seconds you've managed to capture so much already!

    Great job!


    Good morning nekonanko, and welcome aboard to line of action, I'm Polyvios Animations, how are you this morning? That's a greater job on showing your ideas and energy in all of your poses. Please keep up your energy in your broader attitudes.

    But still, I'm still not getting enough of the vitality and energy in your drawings of the figure drawings. Would you please free up your whole arms with 6 minutes of 29 second scribblier poses? As a result, your drawn lines of action and lines of rhythm will become more and more into your innerfeelings in your manga and anime-style poses. For more practice for your anime and cartoon poses from any society, then I'd recommend you this link to sakugabooru.com. You'll have the real animation education to go frame-by-frame on your animation drawing studies. Good luck and good practicing.


    Thanks for the advice!

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