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    Hi! I've been practicing gestures on this site for a while but I seem to get stuck when I have to draw overlapping arms and legs. What can I do to fix this?


    Thank you!

    Please support Line of Action

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    Good morning, Sadjersh, and welcome aboard to our website. I'm Polyvios, Polyvios Animations and how do you do this morning?

    Congratulations! You've now recently made your first ever topic on your web account.

    So, I think your movements of your stick figures in gesture form are anything but static, but I surely feel that your motions are loaded with tons of organic life and vitality, but there's definitely not enough of energy in the poses. Why don't you please try out our interactive tutorial here, but it only does figure studies, even if you did them already right now?

    As a result, then your ability or talent to understanding the basics of rendering of figure studies will increase hundred-fold, but if you work with your shoulder and/or your elbow, while saving the wrists for your details, then your strokes will become more broad and long. Good luck to you.


    Thank you! That's very helpful! I didn't know that I was supposed to use my wrist for the details



    I think the line of action is great and you should think of the relationship between the torso and hips and drawing them as a sandbag or as two boxes. In this way, you could understand the structure of those 30s pose.

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