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    I'm a beginner at drawing, I only been drawing for a couple of months and have been trying to get better at gestures. I think I do poorly at 30 seconds so I came here for a critque. A few are 60 seconds.

    Album - https://imgur.com/gallery/R3d2cET

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    try to draw them bigger, also the shape of the arms and legs, try to make them (don't just make a line), also notice anatomical errors, but taking into account that you are a beginner, I congratulate you, they are very good.

    Don't worry if you don't complete them within 30 seconds, as you practice it will get easier.

    I recommend that you do the session in class mode, also save your drawings, if you practice often you can see your progress


    Thank you. I do worry about the time when I do 30 seconds which makes me rush and leave things out.


    Good job on those 60 second drawings, if you are having trouble with quick 30 second gesture something that helps me is to remember that I can forget about the contours (outside edges of the figure) and ask yourself "What is the figure doing?" And draw that. I got this bit of information from Nicolaides.


    You are doing fine. The whole point is to get the essentials down, balance, force, proportions ect. Which you have demonstrated. I can tell what pose, position they are in. The idea is to capture the action that tells the story. 30s or 60s isn't alot of time for anybody but you have demonstrated that you focused on the essentials. Good work, keep at it. I'll recommend using darker pencils or charcoal or colored pencils, black markers for your gestures. Expirement and see what pencils,marker, or charcoal help you see and looks pleasing to you. Have fun and stay frosty.


    I love your sketches, and hi there, doozyarts.

    I really feel like you've done a much greater job on your quick attitudes, because you've nailed down the simple outlines of the human bodies. Still, I've got one small, tiny, little critique. I really feel that the simpler geometric forms are emerging out of those poses. Why don't you please do a 2 minute pose? The reason why you could do this pose in that time limit is because, it'll help you feel out the forceful forms in those figural gestures.

    Cheers, and I hope you've found this completely and totally fine and dandy.


    Thanks for the advice!


    i think you nailed it and should start taking it a step further


    Yes! I love your lines. To me it looks like you need to do what you already have been doing - 30 seconds gesture drawings. It looks like you have got the line and arm movement in order already so you just need to do some mileage now. Maybe add in some line practices as well, going from thin to thick, soft to hard, shape repetitions and such. Good luck!


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