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    hello, I've read all of your advice and they were quite helpful.

    I did my best to loosen up and still focus on anatomy through these gestures

    here is the result :)

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    My feeling looking at this batch is that you really like contour lines. This is not bad or wrong! The goal in all short figure drawings is not draw something complete and perfect, but draw something that YOU understand and can use to flesh out a more detailed drawing.

    So if contour line drawing works best for you, great. If linear block in turns out to be your method of choice, fine. If gesture works best, do that. But trying to actually get a single class to stay all in one method can be pretty challenging! And figuring out what you need to continue a drawing can also be a real challenge.

    I do feel like this batch has a much stronger sense of gesture than your first set. I can't really judge whether these are good drawings for you to keep pushing with... only you can know that. I know for me, it's very hard to continue with a sketch that is missing the head, hands and feet, no matter how objectively good the rest is. So I tend to fall back on that as a goal quite often. I don't usually get all the key points in a 30s pose, but trying is worth it.

    I generally find proportion to be more valuable than anatomy, and a sense of how symmetry works for humans to be more valuable than proportion. Not each pose must be symmetrical, just the overall sense that yes humans usually have bilateral symmetry, and knowing where that hits the model can help me structure my drawing better. Proportion helps me get the drawing to fit on the page, and helps me get the various bits to be the right relative sizes.


    Awe-inspiring work and totally fantastic job, Dorthea2410. Way to go, pal!

    Again, I've got one smallest improvement. I love how much life and energy you've got into your scrlbbly poses, but I really need to see even more parody into those poses. Why don't you please go for 148 more minutes of 29 second figure practice poses???? (148 x 60/29, 8880/29=306 warm-up gestures for your portfolio) In the meantime, please check out this video?:

    The reason is because, though they can help you out on your energy sketches of your figures, they can also help you refine your skeleton poses through quick gestures of exaggerations.

    My hat's off to you, and good luck from me.


    Tnxx :) your advices really do help, I'll try to improve with more practice. I'll probably draw some more soon where I can experiment a bit :)

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