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    Hmm - not sure I'm getting this. I feel like I'm just drawing not very good stick people. I've done 20 minutes of 30s , so 40 stick-people in total, but these are enough to give an idea. I'll stick (!) with them until I get to 100, then try switching to 2 minutes to see if I panic less when I have a bit more time.




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    Haha! They look great :D

    keep on practicing line that fluidity


    It is important to remember that doing the gesture drawing is about warming up, getting used ot finding the line of action, and identifying the form. It isn't about a finished drawing.

    And I strongly reccomend that you use class mode, go through the 30 second and one minute, then move on to the longer poses.

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    Good points. I'll have another go this evening and try to do less but better. Wish me luck ;-)

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