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    Hello, here are my most (very messy) recent sketches, any critique is welcome, thank you!


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    Hello there,

    Great job on the studies, I think you're headed in right direction. As for the critique, I think you're a bit too focused on capturing the silhouette more so than gesture in a lot of these. Keep in mind, when we're doing 30-60 second drawings we aren't really focusing on capturing anything other than the movement right. That means, we have to draw lines that aren't actually there, but which better convey the flow, the movement and the energy. All done in a very few well put lines (how many lines can you put down in a minute anyway, right?).

    Try looking up Proko on YouTube, specifically his Gesture drawing videos. Good luck!


    Good afternoon/morning/evening, Henezra, and welcome to LOA. I'm Polyvios, Polyvios Animations, how do you do? Greater job on your lighter and looser touch to your lines of action and rhythm. Push yourself further and farther.

    However, your lines of action, balance and rhythm in most of your figures, animals, hands, feet, faces, and expressions don't all seem and look too animated and broader enough to me and my sensibilities, especially your animals mostly. How would you like to free up your hands, elbows, and shoulders with 6 minutes of 29 seconds of figures, hands, feet, faces, expressions and animals for each, please???

    Because your drawings, sketches, and paintings will become the lesser of the conservative stiffness and rigidity and the more liberal in your approach to gesture drawing. For more than enough info and details, look into the Preston Blair book PDF on the Animation Resources website, and the Nancy Beiman book on Amazon. Good luck to you, and I hope these can and will help you let your hands and arms go.


    You're trying too hard to capture the volume of the overall figure with your contour lines, when really you need to focus on establishing the line of action to guide the direction of the rough skelenton to help you build the rest of the body. It's also faster since you're wasting less time drawing lines trying to capture the outline of the body. Hope that was helpful for you, and remeber to keep up the good work.


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