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    The 30-second sketches were challenging, and once I started to focus involuntarily on certain details, I realized there was no time to control the overall proportions of the figure...

    And these lines also look intermittent, and when I try to draw with more fluid or longer lines (such as drawing the torso and lower extremities together), i'll always to draw the wrong position relationship and proportion.


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    The proportions actually look really good! The figures are well defined and the flow looks pretty good. Iwould say that less lines would make it a lot cleaner though. Even thugh you find it harder to make longer lines, I'd say that it's a good thing to challenge yourself.


    Wow, you are so great at showing the movements of the figures. They look very lively even though they are just simple sketches. This is the biggest challenge for me right now. could you tell me, how long have you been practicing?


    I've been practicing discontinuously, so I can't say exactly how long I've been practicing. I've been drawing with a digital tablet for about five years, but I can't keep practicing every day: (


    Greatest job on our 30 second quicker sketches of the figures, slvsh. Very, very, very, very great job.

    My biggest issue or criticism is that some of the lines of some of the poses are already appealing, but they seem a bit farthest too choppiest. Would you please do 2 hours of 29 second quickest sketches of figure drawings, with a custom timer???? (all flipped normal, horizontally and/or vertically) (7200/29=248 quick figures with your manga characters, with a 15 minute break inbetween)

    The logical arguement is because, it can help you tap yourself into your right side of your brain, plus, to help you observe what you really see, but what you feel. If you're curious about the most quick sketching, be sure to look up the 2 Walt Stanchfield books on Kindle on Amazon.

    Good luck, cheers and my hat's off you, and happy scribbling.


    You did a lot of figures. In 30 sec you do not have a lot of time to do things to the figure. I would suggest you start with a line of action to lay down the movement of the figure. It would not take long and you can build on that. With practice and study (of human anatomy & bone structure). With the knowledge you build, you can get the relationships down in your mind of how the various elements work together. After a while, you will be able to look at a figure and quickly analyze it. Practice makes better.


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