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    Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DsW_YGyeV44xMs-UoyvYztbofimP7rqL

    (Please tell me if the link doesn't work!)

    Hello, hello! Today I present to you some figure drawings! These ones I'm not very proud of. It might be due to the fact I tried doing a different method, because the "Stick Figure" (as I like to call it) method isn't very helpful, especially for perspective. So, I found some methods and tried doing them. I will link the videos talking about these methods that I used!

    Link 1:

    Link 2:

    (Again, please tell me if the links don't work!)

    I like the method explained the most in Link 1. In Link 2, I tried using that method first, but I didn't like how it came out, so I switched to the method explained in Link 1. An area I struggle with is drawing limbs. With 30 sec poses, It becomes especially hard. I hate the way I drew the limbs in these pages. I tried searching for ways to draw limbs, but most of them use a method where you use cylinders, and for gesture drawing that isn't really an option. So, what do you think I can do? Do you have any methods that you use? What can I do better next time?


    1: I used 2 different methods instead of the "stick figure" method

    2: I'm not very proud of the way I draw arms and legs

    3: I tried searching for methods, but they all use cylinders, which isn't really quick to draw

    4:If you have any methods you use for drawing arms and legs, please do tell!

    5: (And also some methods for figure drawing)

    Thank you!


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    Good evening Devil_Darlinqq, this Polyvios Animations from Salem, MA. How are you doing today. Actually, as your stick figure attitudes you've posted so far, I beg to disagree. I ultimately think that you're completely getting on the right track of sketching out your lines of action. They are very, very strong and lively. You don't really, really, really need to worry too much about the forms and details at this time. Keep at it, keep on improving.

    In the meantime, I'm getting a bit of an excess of lines in that pose in drawing 1. Looks like you've gotten the design and gesture a bit too rigid to me. Would you like to go for 23 mins of 29 second broad gesture drawings? (23 x 60=1380/29=about 48 scribble poses) Your broad attitudes will make your constructions and lines of action less stiff and more bold, vital, and energetic. For further instruction, look up the two Walt Stanchfield books online:Here, And Here. Good luck and good night.


    First off, trying new techniques always takes a second to get used to, but the one important factor to remember about gesture drawing is to go with the flow. As for your arms and legs, I think you have to switch the way you're shaping the joints. Currently, your style of gesture drawing has you connecting the legs straight while instead when they meet at the knee, the calf should look slightly slanted and curve either smoothly or sharply into the foot depending on the pose. This goes with the arm as well. If you look back on the first gesture video, you can see how the artist curves the forearms lines in to create an elbow without putting in too much linework to it and without it looking like the limbs are straight on or being squeezed. Hope that makes sense!


    Hello, Polyvios! Sorry for the late reply! I'm doing very well, thank you very much! Just started a new medication, and it's going well so far, with a bit of ups and downs. But overall, it's going well!

    Thank you very much for the book recommendations! They've proven to be very useful! I do have a question, though: How should I use these books? Should I read them like a regular book? Should I take notes while reading? Should I just skim through the book and find/read the pages I need? What I'm doing at the moment is skimming through the book, but I don't think that's very useful for learning. I would like to know how you would go about it!

    As for your critique, yes, the first drawing looks very stiff to me as well. The pose was in perspective, as well as some of the body parts hiding behind objects, so it was quite hard for me. I do this a lot with poses I don't understand. It's probably caused by me not analyzing the pose enough, due to the pressure of the timer. Do you have any tips for this? I feel I am getting better at it, but I would like to know what you think! I also did your recommended time, and it was very helpful! I feel I've gotten better at getting the gesture down quick, so thank you very much!


    1: How do you think I should use the books provided?

    2: Do you have any tips for analyzing poses on a short timer, so I don't scribble down the pose?

    Again, thank you very much for your critique! It was very helpful!


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    Hello, Jelli Bee Kate! Sorry for the late response! I hope you are doing well today! You made me realize that I've been trying new methods all wrong. I assume that when I try a method I haven't tried, that I will be just as good as the person in the video(s). If I'm not, I'll get frustrated. That isn't a very good mindset to have. It's rather destructive I realized. The people in those videos have spent years practicing and trying new things. So when they make videos, they already have those years of experience under their belts, which I don't have. So I've been trying my best to change that mindset. Now, when I want to practice a method, I will try it out for a week and see if I like it or not. Currently, I've been trying the method in Link 2. It's been going well for me so far. I actually really like the method! It's been really fun trying it out, and I've been using it for my personal art as well!

    As for going with the flow, I struggle with that lol. It's something I have to improve on, and it probably just takes practice doing a lot of gesture drawing. But, if you have any tips, please let me know!

    You also made me realize how the artist in Link 1 was drawing their limbs and joints in. And I realized that, you are right, I do need to change the way I draw joints. I sometimes forget to draw joints, and when I do, they look wrong. But I realized while drawing yesterday, that I don't know where the joints should go, or how to draw them. I have a vague idea, but I don't really know where the joints go. Could you explain a little more about the joints? Like, where they should go in relation to the body? And explain in more detail how I should draw the joints?


    1: I realized I needed to change the way I practice techniques, as well as my mindset. Now, I do a week for each technique. If you have any suggestions for how I should practice techniques, please let me know!

    2: I struggle with going with the flow during gesture drawing. I think it's because I want to be perfect, or I'm feeling pressured while drawing due to the time limit. Please let me know if you have any tips!

    3: I realized I neeed to change the way I draw joints, but I also realized I don't know where the joints should go and how to draw them. I would like an explanation on where the joints should go, as well as some tips for drawing them!

    Again, thank you very much for the critique!


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