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    Hello friend,

    I think you did great, I love the expressivity! Try with diverse materials, charcoal, watercolors, it makes even more expressive! You are good, keep practicing!

    Get more practice photos

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    Dear Biancagherghel123. Thanks for the reply and suggestions. When I get the chance, I'll try that.


    Dear Callmedeedee, thanks for posting that video. I forgot how insightful proko's tips are. I should catch up watching his videos


    Small update. Didn't draw much like I wanted. But been trying to get the hang of Bridgman's way of drawing peoples heads. Its...somewhat different from Andrew Loomis. And tried Loomis and failed. Anyway, here is the best drawing out of a 1 hour session. I'll try harder next time.

    Images: https://imgur.com/6AFIOXJ


    Ignore the title "35 minutes worth of 30 sec drawings" in this forum. I am posting my drawing sessions, studies ect. Here. Also, I am not dead yet. I missed out on practicing because of work, Sword fencing, procrastination, sleep, depression, sickness ect. So don't be surprise if you don't see improvement because of the time gap. I'll try not to miss any more. Here are some stuff I forgot to post: https://imgur.com/a/WHs2ulU

    comments and suggestions are always welcome.


    *edit fixed link hopefully*

    Hands and feet I did yesterday. Here is the link: https://imgur.com/a/elNTaX8

    Trying to get better with sketching before attempting digital again. If things progress, hell, I might even get a drawing monitor, maybe learn 3d modeling. I hope you guys understand how it feels to have a LARGE TO DO LIST and how many goals and milestones to reach when it comes to getting better. Welp, more coffee and more drawing. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Catch you guys later

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    Here is a new batch of face drawings!


    I can't even remember the facial muscles or the names of them. I am probably doing a lot of wrong things. But thats okay, i am getting closer to the truth. I like listening to LXST CXNTURY as i draw. I am slightly tripping right now so I haven't seen any affects yet. I will be right back and post what happens.


    Here is a batch of animal drawings.


    I have to say it was refreshing and different. No lie. I am tripping kinda hard. There is this green tint that sticks around. Anything green is super vibrant and be vibing. things are kinda vibing in and out. The music LXST CXNTURY just makes everything entertaining. I am thinking, why are these animals looking gangsta to me. The last 2 drawings, I shall name em gangsta horse and gangsta goose. Everything I draw ain't gonna be great but I'll at least have fun with it. Leave a comment and suggestions.

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