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    Hi everyone, I'm really new here and I just wanted both to say Hi and to share my self-imposed 365 day art challenge!

    My challenge is to do at the very least 2 hours of sketching a day for 365 days. I've printed out a year calendar for this to keep myself motivated and driven - I'm only allowed to cross off a day on the calendar if I've done my 2 hours at least. My goal is to not break that chain!

    I am recording my progress on tumblr - scr0lls.tumblr.com.

    I would love to get some critiques and maybe feedback on this plan... and if anyone else decides to do something similar or is already doing it I would just love to follow along on any blogs you've got going!

    The idea is to be able to track improvements and see how much you can improve through hard work every single day - and a big one for me is to eliminate excuses on why I couldn't work on such and such day. So yeah! My personal goal is to get better at drawing, understanding values and digital painting.

    Thanks for reading my rambles :)

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    Hi scr0lls! Sorry I'm getting to this a little late, but I see quite a few sketches on your tumblr! :) Good going!

    It's a really good idea to draw something every single day to help improve, but it may not be realistically possible to put in 2 solid hours a day. It's easy to burn out on and if something unexpected happens, you have no 'buffer' to catch up with. It can destroy your motivation really fast if you feel the big pressure of being behind on things.

    Perhaps you could assign about 15-30 minutes to one or two days a week for quick gestures rather than a full 2 hours. This means that if something happens that puts pressure on your schedule, you can still take a day or two doing quick sketches before bed and meet your goal, keeping your motivation up and running.

    How's it been going so far? :)


    I started a 600 pages sketchbook supposed to be filled this very year. Mostly with drawing classes from pixelovey. I have no profess photos though but it will be filled earlier than the end of 2014 and I think I am improving.


    I'm starting a challenge to do at least 2 1 hour sketch sessions a day(cycling poses, faces and hands/feet) starting today on tumblr. I started a challenge to draw at least once every day and within a couple weeks, It felt weird not to draw every day so now I'm trying to improve on that.

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