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    I started using this site several weeks ago and kind of feel a bit lost about how I can improve my gesture drawing skills further. I feel quite comfortable drawing poses where the subject is facing straight, but if the subject is angled sideways I find myself quite confused on how to construct it.


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    Hello, i am still learning as well so i dont know how good my critisim would be. What i did, was that i watched other people draw harder poses and try to draw how they draw stuff from different angles. You dont even need to watch videos but just look up the body part that you are struggling with in different perspektives. It is always good to look at references. Hope this helps! This is just what has helped me. Hope you have a great timezone. Bye!


    Nicest job on getting your lightest touch in your mark-making, but they look a bit too faintest to me, personally. How would you like to work more loosely with your non-dominant hand with 30 minutes of 2 minute quick poses, using your ballpoint pens? The reason is totally because, your lines will be the boldest, clearest, strongest and loosest in your posing and attitudes.

    Good luck to you, and good night to you.


    Curves are the way to go, be confident with your lines and the drawing will look confident as well. Practice making curves and lines with 1 stroke using a pencil.

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    Hi X Vagrant!

    For starters I would strongly suggest that you get some softer lead pencils so we can see what you are drawing better. Softer leads will put down a darker line. Try some 4B or 6B pencils. Watch on youtube how Proko sharpens and holds his pencil. This is a good start.

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