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    Hay, so I'm trying to kind of get more proportional in drawings I do from memory, so I've been drawing a lot of females. Is there anything I should work on? All critique is appreciated. :3

    I'm fourteen, by the way, so sorry if my drawings look bad. Also, sorry for the bad quality, I took this with my phone. ewe


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    Hi Happy,
    i think the main thing is here, i can understand what the person's doing, and the proportions are not so bad, i think if u work a lot on it, u'll enjoy gesture drawing soon.

    Anyway are you working on gesture or on structure? i think if u'r on gesture, don't worry too much about proportion and the way it looks. Just do a lot of it, then learn proportion theory, there is a lot of references on the inernet, Proko.com is doing great tutorials: http://www.proko.com/

    He released a video about proportion, it's the Robert Beverly Hale method, it's not usefull for drawing directly, i mean u'll not draw all that squares, but if u can get this comparison in u'r mind, it'll be usefull for real drawing:


    I also feel like comparison is really a good way to measure proportion, and to build this skill, doing a lot of gesture drawings is really important, so it will become natural to feel every single error u make and correct it. Because u'll not measure every drawing every time in u'r life, it has to become second nature. By the way this is just how i feel it.
    Hope it helps in a way.


    looks pretty good to me the proko site is good


    looks good. The proko site is really good for this.


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