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    greetings. I'm really new to art in general. I've been practicing gestures for about a week now, and have been using different methods and combining different methods to create them. I guess my biggest gripe is that I struggle sometimes to keep things in proportion, and then I'll spend the rest of the minute trying to fix it and achieving nothing. I'm trying to force myself to use the "line of action" more and more, and start putting more expression into it instead of just trying to outline the character.

    please let me know of anything I can do to improve. thank you in advance.

    picture Link https://imgur.com/a/x7twWdx

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    Hi Ausler.

    For someone who started only a week ago you are doing good. Some of your poses show the pose quite well. Gesture drawing is a good way to learn how to express a pose with a simple sketch.

    It looks like you are drawing with a ink pen, or something that put's down very black lines as soon as it touches the paper. One thing that helps a great deal especially as a beginner, is to use a pencil that can do very light, almost not vivisble strokes as you "search for the form". A soft graphite wooden pencil like a 6B is a great tool for this. I'll post two videos that I have found helpful showing you how to get your arm to do the shapes you want(note that proko uses a Conté pencil. Thhey are good but any 6B graphite pencil will do for starting out). Use whatever cheap paper in the beginning so that you can feel relaxed while putting out many training sessions. Good luck!



    Hey there, AuslerDraws, I just wanna say, thanks for the awesome job on loosening up on your very first Imgur post -- on Line of Action. That's a very good job on going for the motion here. Well, if I could provide a completely and sincerely honest criticism, then it would be that some of the poses have a bit too much choppier lines. Why don't you please free yourself up in your decisions of lines, through 120 minutes of 30 second poses???? (120 x 60/30, 7200/30=240 attitudes)

    And you wanna know the reason why????????? Because, it would and could help out on making your line economy less rigid, and more dynamic, exaggerated, and fluid. For more info on making some caricatured poses, here is this link on the Vilppu Drawing Manual PDF: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8VO-JQCy3HgVzBhZGtiN3hZWHc/edit

    Or better yet, be sure to buy the scarce copy of that book. Good luck to you, and I hope you'll find this definitely and absolutely helpful and informative.


    hey there.

    good job on completing the whole figure in a minute. these are great and can be identified as humans.

    you just need to add little fluid line of action in these figures. I suggest to have a one swoop of a line for a head, spine (rib), hip. as of now, they are somewhat blocky. this blockiness is good. don't get me wrong. just add a gesture line to make them as one.

    your getting there my friend. this is good.

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