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    Hi dear, this is my 90 min in class figure drawing.


    I got some issue to control the line and not pretty sure what should I work for.

    Please give me some suggestions. Thank you a lot!!!

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    This is great! I think you are defintely moving in the right direction at the moment.

    Your 2d construction of the figure is quite good, so I'd suggest going onto making your basic shapes 3d. This would mean drawing your shapes all the way through, and trying to start looking for the planes of the body. I'd still keep things fairly simple, yet look for where the body turns to shadow, that break that will start to give you form.

    Also be sure not to get too ahead of yourself with shadow, maybe limit yourself to a few values. Using 3 would give you one for shadow, halftone, and the highlight-- this would be a great place to start. Eventually you can use 4, with an extra between shadow and halftone to start getting that rounding or turning over of shading.

    Let me know if you have any questions! And good job on tackling that drapery in the 10 minute study!



    You have a good hang of the gestures, they capture the movement well and it makes them look realistic, even when time is short. This is why it's good that you complete the gestures for 30 and 60 seconds, where the action or inaction matters more while perspective and proportions should be instinctive only. I see you mark the direction of the chest, which is good, although there's no gesture line that marks the general direction of the body, the direction in which the force is applied. You line the body up in believable poses anyway, but try capturing the flow of force in a line and I think you'll see a difference. This is the line you're fitting the rest of the body along later.

    In your longer poses you focus on the outline. I'll recommend you watch Proko's video series on gesture drawing. The concept he teaches is called constructional drawing, it means you draw as if you were constructing a building. Effectively building from the gesture up, the gesture becomes forms, the forms are assigned weight and become volumes. Looking at your longer studies I think you're going on to rendering the skin rather quickly, hurriedly placing the forms and misjudging proportions. You might want to think about deciding before going into the class if you want to work on rendering what we see the body as - so you can do shading and lighting practice - or if construction of the body, which Proko's videos are good for, is the focus of the day. Generally when you work with forms, you don't shade them but let them connect and intersect in ways that can tell how they are placed. I wouldn't tackle lighting in a constructional drawing though.

    Good luck!

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