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    Hey, I've been using this site daily for at least two weeks now and I have to say that I love it. There are a few things that grinds my gears though. The first thing is the ratio of female to male, but when I put 'both' for male and female, the majority of the images will be women hanging from the cieling in cloth or a three quarters with huge breasts, about a 10/12 ratio. When I switched to male only the archive is so limited that I feel like I do a good pose because I've done it before.

    So I heard some of the money you raised and future membership fees would go to photoshoots, what are the things you had in mind? I hope a plethora of differences in age and builds. Is there any plans for photoshoots soon?

    I've also gotten familiar with a site called quickposes.com which does a similiar job to line-of-action with a few differences ofcourse. It might sound silly but a simple thing as tracking your hours spent would definitely add to the experience, why not achievements? It will definitely keep some of the audience and help grow the community.

    Please support Line of Action

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    Hi Paladin! I (site owner) share basically all of your concerns. :)

    One of the big goals going forward is not just more gender equity, but a wider range of body types, ethnicity, and age. Also we are trying hard to discourage "sexy" or "glamorous" poses and preference more everyday or classical art poses. This is a little hard, as the majority of photographers who have contributed photos seem overwhelmingly interested in photographing young, white, skinny, female models.

    The fundraiser unfortunately did not reach the threshold that would have allowed us to schedule our own photoshoots immediately. However, we've been working on alternate ways of sourcing more photos in the meanwhile.

    Time tracking and achievement features are not just planned, but already built - they will be available after the site relaunch happening in September, along with a plethora of other improvements.

    There are a TON of posts up about what we're planning and how the execution of that is coming in the site news section, including stuff that addresses all of your questions, so I would suggest browsing through those if you're interested in knowing more.

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