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    I like drawing and would like some critique on my work
    any input is much appreciated a male study

    head study male and female

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    Hi Jason,

    I like the expressions you give your drawings, they have a certain charm! i see you're trying to apply the reilly head for the erspective. What I would say is that the Reilly is more complex than the Loomis... Also, when we draw, the brain tends to try and straighten out things which makes us want to put the eyes at the same distance on either side of the nose, even when the head is rotated. this is what I notice in your drawings. I think you just need to practice with this in mind to try and follow what you see, rether than what you interpret, if that makes sense? Keep on the good work, and keep the great personality in your drawings!



    I see,do you mean the left eye should be spaced closer?
    could you eleborate further brian?


    Nice work on rendering your male figure standing attitude, Jason, that's a very technically good job.

    Again, I really feel that it's a teeny bit too rigid and stiff there. Why don't you please liven yourself up with your line quality, by working out with 156 minutes of 30 second attitudes??? (156 x 60/30=9360/30=312 ruff poses/5 days a week=62 crude poses a day, in a week, all flipped horizontally and/or vertically, or normal, thru the special tools for our members on Line of Action; Or you can take a screenshot of each pose, so that you would flip them yourself)

    The reason why you could and should go with this extremely and totally beneficlal critique is so, that you would be able to tap into your perceptions of the figures' edges, and the right side of the brain, even if it's through the quicker gestures. And that applies to your amazing head drawings. For more info, I encourage you look up for the PDFs or the books, or ebooks of the Loomis and Reilly figure drawing and head sketching books.

    So, cheers, and hat's off to you.


    2 and a half hrs a day for gesture, thats a good suggestion Polyvios

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