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    I started learning how to draw 1 year ago, with online lessons and podcasts. Working at least 1 hour on a daily basis, I really want to improve my drawing skills. I've been working on the gestures the past 2 weeks.

    This is the first time I'll be sharing my sketches, and I already thank you for the critics because I'm sure they'll be salutary.

    Here's a batch of 30s figures:

    And one of 2min figures:

    An artist who I know suggests me to work on longer poses cause I've got difficulties with anatomy. Can 10min poses can help me better than doing the Class Mode?



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    Hello Oasis,

    To better understand the anatomy in fact it is better to do longer exposure to have time to analyze.
    Then you will have to synthesize the anatomical forms with simple shapes to begin with and more and more complex.
    But ultimately all you see can be summed up in a simple geometric form.
    So start by analyzing and synthesizing, if I can give you some advice.
    Anyway, practice every day or regularly, helps to better understand what we draw.
    Continue like this and you will progress.

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    Thanks Jbtyst for your feedback :) I think I'll stick to 10-25min, the time to better understand anatomy.

    Here's yesterday's Class Mode batch:

    Thanks everyone for giving me your feedback on it,




    Here's a new batch of 10 min figures:

    I really enjoy working on longer poses. Doing the shading is a very satisfying for me.
    A friend of mine has said that my lines are more controlled on longer poses. I feel it's more impressive to draw them. I care less about proportions on 30s/1min poses, but more about gesture.

    Question: how do you insert pictures rather than links in the post? I tried the insert/edit but it doesn't show the pictures whithin the post.



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    Hi Oasis,
    That's good, you must continue in this direction. You will learn every day!
    To insert images directly into your messages you must be a member with the paid profile.

    You will have access to your sketchbook and when you upload an image there is the shortcode next to know how to integrate it in the body of the message on the forum.

    Another solution is possible: you host an image somewhere else, you just have to put the tags

    [ i m g ] image url [/ i m g]

    at the beginning and at the end of your image url.

    I hope it helps you ...

    Have a good day

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    Longer poses give you time to really build out the underlying forms with contruction lines, which will improve your anatomy.

    Stan Prokopenko is a great teacher with lots of videos on YT, he has videos on every body part and does live webstreams breaking down muscles and anatomy in detail. I belive he said students in ateliers can spend 6-8 hours on a single figure study.

    try increasing your class time slowly. Try an hour class one day, and see what you can do in 30 mins. It's good to do the quick sketches but it's nice to know you have a little more time to study the photo and measure proportions.

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    Hey, OasisRaven, first let me say congrats on dedicating two whole weeks to practicing! That's awesome. You should be proud you're taking that step.

    Secondly, I'll go into which of these I really like, and ehat makes me like them more. The drawings that i like more are the ones where you really find that line of action and push the pose. Remember that the line of action is where you find the energy of the post, and that it's essential even when drawing someone who seems to be standing straight.

    I have a few suggestions to help you push that envelope. The first thing is to try sketching in pen, preferably a felt tip marker of some kind, I know it's scary at first, but believe me, forcing yourself to not erase is going to help when drawing gestures. Then, try doing your poses without useing the stick figure metod. I know it make doing fast work easier, but you need to practice form. Don't worry about the drawings looking bad. They always look bad until you get used to them.

    Also, if you've been avoiding nude models i highly suggest you go for it. It's weird to think about when you haven't before, but it's easier to grasp the anatomy when the subject is nude. If you won't be putting yourself in trouble by doing so, test that out too.

    Again, good job practicing! Just keep at it, you're bound to get better.

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    Hello Kittykatc,

    I'm working on longer poses and I really feel that's what I needed. Prokopenko videos are great! I already was watching his work.




    Hello Snailienz,

    Awesome advices spotted! :) Alright, I'll try your method and upload my work very soon.

    Thanks, this is highly encouraging,



    Hello everyone,

    After a streak of 21 days of practice, I offered me a rest of few days. I want to beat this streak.

    Please have a look of my last practices.

    Here's a batch of 10min:

    Here's a mix:

    One 20min:

    And finally, one 30min:



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    Nice work going on in here Oasis. I hope this feedback helps:


    Thanks Swen for having taken the time to analyze my work.

    Sure your feedback helps, plus, it gives me the will to understand FORCE method a little more. I've seen your daily pratice and it helps me understanding some fundamental notions.

    For my next sessions, I think I have to stick less to what I see, and draw more what I feel.


    Hello everyone,

    For the 2 past sessions, I've been using Snailienz advices:

    - using a felt tip marker

    - avoiding stick figures

    Here's the work:

    Note: I have spent 10min per figure but not 10 min per drawing.


    I understand the benefits of this method and I'll continue to use it the whole week, still, I have some questions:

    - Does avoiding stick figures mean avoiding other helpers as the body line, circles for the pelvis or the head?

    - Is there a part of the body you suggest to draw at first?

    Thanks a lot.


    - Is there a part of the body you suggest to draw at first?

    Well, we teach our students to draw the action of the torso first, and then add the limbs and head. Once you´ve developed your figure drawing skills to a certain point you´ll be able to start with any part that is the most important to you for a particular pose.


    Clear to me!

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