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    Hey, emm, I'm NessyNoinex and yesterday I discovered this wonderful site. I hope I can learn a lot from here, I've already seen a lot of useful advice and I want to practice them.
    (Well, first of all I should say that I'm not English of birth so maybe I can commit errors without noticing. Anyway, you can point them, it will help me to correct them).
    Well, let's go back to the prior problem: I suck at drawing bodies. I just draw "adventure time" bodies, which I don't really like because I want to improve and draw more realistic ones. So I started with this practice tool to draw figures but... I don't want to see nude models, but if I look at the ""decent" models", I feel like I'm not going to improve because their bodies are covered with clothes .
    What do you thing is best for me? Try to sketch nude models or try other ways?
    Thank you everyone.

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    Nude models are best for learning anatomy, however if you're uncomfortable looking at photos of real nude people, you may learn better from an artist's book on anatomy. I don't really think you'll get a good grasp of it by looking at clothed people. You need to understand what's underneath to learn how to properly place the clothing, anyhow.
    This book might help you: http://www.scribd.com/doc/4437416/loomisfiguredraw

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