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    Art is my passion, I have been involved in art for about 10 years, yet, my art is not good as I want it to be.

    I also have been facing a lot procastination and often find myself uninspired and therefore, it holds me back from creating a lot of artwork.

    Thank you for your time and cooperation.

    P.s. topic title is just a joke.

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    There are ways around procrastination, but it's hard i know. There is a lot to find about this on the internet about how to live with it, how to keep it under control or how to make use of it. I'm not sure if it's always the case, but for me i found out there is a fear of failure, so i asked myself what am i afraid of? when i draw, i can just keep drawing until i like the result or start a new image.

    What helped me a lot is to set daily goals for practice, started with 15min. everyday and worked myself up to 1 or 2 hours. But when i have an idea i can work on the image for hours, of course with breaks, but it's fun and rewarding to see the finished image. The difference is practice isn't meant to be just fun, you do these things to get better and it takes a while to really see the results of that.

    I found an app "Sketch a day", the app gives you a promt, a challenge and the rest is totally up to you. I spend around 3 hours every day in the first month, no practice time. Because you see lot's of other ideas, that's really inspiring, you get likes, comments and all those people have the same goal: to improve. I started to keep my 1 hour practice time and after that i draw my image to upload on the app. It's great to see all those pictures that i created and that i would have never imagined without the app and the idea is so simple, just a word can make a huge difference. I know people who don't like the app, who just have too big ideas or whatever, but what i want to say is you just need to find out what helps you. Maybe it is an app, maybe you just need a friend who you can compete with.. there are lot's of possibilities. It's all up to you to find your way.


    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!


    I saw a Youtube video by Ethan Becker called Fail your way to drawing better. That really spoke to me, as fear of failing is what, in my case, causes a lot of procrastination.

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