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    Hey all,
    I just joined today, and enjoyed the thought of getting some critique on my sketches.
    I do my sketches on my IPad mini.
    These are timed gestures at 1 min a pose.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    And here we have an attempt at some facial features.

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    I don't think the "" code works on this site.
    here are the links.


    Hello Rockstar,
    I like your gestures a lot especially the ones with an action line and medial line. My critique for you would be to try to be more confident in your line. I think line confidence is harder on digital devices because of the slick surface of the screen. Your facial features are great I usually struggle with them. The only critique for the facial features would be to add a bit of shading because they all look very flat. That is nitpicky though. I really like your stuff and am looking forward to seeing more. If you want to check out my stuff look at www.adamantiumdesigns.com


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