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    I think this website should add landscape and urban areas i.e.-fields, buildings, architecture, etc. Even though it doesn't conform to the usual subjects on this site, it still would show the flow, the"line of action" so to say. Plus, it allows us to study the fundamentals in recognizing shapes and lighting, which is crucial in art.

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    This would be an awesome addition! I would definitely get some use out of it. Once they are done with the already in-progress updates, of course. :P


    That would definitely be helpful, I hope they do :)


    We started building such a tool about... oh, three years ago, but faced challenges that stopped it from ever quite being released.

    I can't say anything definite, but I would suggest that you might look for new life in that project as more new features roll out after our new site release in September... You didn't hear it from me! ;)


    Just noticed this and I really appreciate your, mention of that past project (and the possibility of something in the future)


    yes, I was hoping for landscapes too!
    and something else I just realised was missing: non-organic objects: chairs, cars, toothbrushes, etc. Suggestion to add those as well :)


    If landscape photos are not a good fit, what about plantlife?


    Plantlife has been a popular suggestion over the years, and I will look into it. For now though, the next scheduled tool is interior/exterior environments. :)


    Pssst, it's out in beta for full members now! :D

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