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    I registered for a live drawing course and it's the morning of my first class. I've never been so anxious and apprehensive in my life about anything, let alone a class with a topic that actually interest me a great deal. The thing is that I haven't taken, nor have I tried to draw anything that's physically in front of me. When I draw I love to use reference photos because being able to rotate them with my drawing helps me get exact angles, but the perfection I seek also hinders my ability to complete anything in a timely manner, as well as the occasional 'drawers' block (what I like to call it) where I literally can't make even a dot on a piece of paper without erasing and adjusting it. The reason I want to take this class is because I want to get over that mental hump, but I'm absolutely terrified that the instructor will see my work and kindly inform me that I'm not ready for this course. I'm on the verge of dropping it just 2 hours before the first class. I guess my real question is, seeing as how I have never taking anything but the introduction to drawing, can I fail a live drawing course by sheer lack of ability or is it more about individual improvement?

    P.S. I'm sorry I sound pathetic and crazy

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    Hi Nearcyded,

    I am sorry to hear about your experience/ nervousness about drawing from life. I am an instructor at FIT NYC. I can tell you from my own teaching experience that I would only fail a student if they showed a complete lack of trying or appeared uninterested/ lazy. But this doesn't sound like you.  First I would inform the instructor of your issues. Explain exactly what you stated here. Ask him or her to sit with you and show you how to get started. Watch the instructor and when you feel comfortable have him watch you draw. There is always some hesitation when doing something completely new. But it should not discourage you from trying. Do not be afraid of making the wrong lines, or making a mess or bad drawing. In my field of animation, i was always told  that I wouldn't do a single good drawing until I got the first 1000 crappy ones out first:). Its good advice. Just plow ahead. And remember to constantly ask for help, direction or advice from your instructor. That's what they are there for.

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