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    Hi everybody, I was wondering If anyone had any advice on using colour, I've only really done life drawing using pencil or more lately in grey-scale on the computer, I had some good results and so I decided to have a go with a colour drawing. As far as I can remember this is my first real foray into this sort of thing and was looking see what direction I should be going in to improve.

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    Hi matthew, I'm afraid the link you gave us is broken. I did however look for our color article, perhaps this will be useful to you!


    lol sorry I posted that such a long time ago I've actually rebuilt my site since then. I've read that article though I can't remember if it was before or after I tried to use colour, in any case I decided to focus on value and anatomy first, then work in colour at a later date.

    is the right link these days but I've had to take a break from drawing to concentrate on webdesign, so i can grow my business, so I can spend more time drawing, funny world.

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