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    Your drawings are not showing up.


    Nice post, but I just don't see the two images you posted (or tried to post). Please try that post again, and remember, and don't forget to make the images more visible. Thanks.


    I'm sorry but I can't see your drawings. Please try again.


    I updated the OP's post to reveal the links. :)


    Knowing the amount of time you spent on each drawing would help me to critque what you did giving you more justice. They look really nice but I don't know for example if the drawing of the man is with lighter values because you need to improve your value skills (studying from black & white picture would help in this case because there would be no color distracting you from the values) or you simply had no time to make the darkening cuz you made the study in like 20/30 minutes. Don't know if you're already able to keep going and pollish this a little more or this is you're current maximum level.
    Anyway, for me seems a nice job, but since you're a beginner and I don't have much information my advice is just for you to keep going. Build your foundation learning all the fundamentals, one at a time not in any particular order.
    - Shapes and Forms
    - Color
    - Values
    - Basic Anatomy
    - Perspective
    - Composition
    - Shading

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    I think these are really, really great! I think you captured the likeness more in the female than the male but they both look good. On the male drawing, it is extremely close so hardly a critique, but if anything I would say the left side of the face needs some minor adjustments, such as bring the eyebrow and eye down a little, which will shorten the length of the nose a tad bit, and maybe bring that cheekbone in just a tad If likeness is what you're going for. But honestly they are both better than I could do so who am I to talk LOL!


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