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    Hi, i made an other hour of drawing session and i thought that maybe I am getting a little worse from the previous lessons, i don't know why I just have a weird feeling.

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    I think you are still stuck in the same loop, and not in your drawings, but in the way you look at them. What is that constant obsession with better or worse all about?

    There is just an array of things, were the question better or worse stops making sense. Which is the best color? Is a racecar better or worse than a rose petal?

    You are experimenting, some of the stuff you try out ends up more on the side of conventional and pretty, some ends up more on the side of wild and energetic, how are other people to know, how far they are off your original intention?

    How about you try out this practice: at the end of a drawing session, sort your own drawings by which ones you like best and which ones you like least, and after you done that, try to verbalize, to put into descriptive words, what you like about the ones you like best. Then in your next session, you can see if you can push those qualities further.

    That way, I hope, you get used to understanding the qualities you yourself are looking for, and neither be constantly depending on other people's feedback, nor regressing towards beating yourself up for imagined flaws.


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