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    Hi all,

    I never post before, I hope to receive some critique from you all.

    These are the practice I did over time ( The first 3 from February (30min class), next 2 two weeks ago (30min class), and today practice (2min each). I wonder if I had improved? What did I do well and not? And how to make my drawing better?

    Many thanks!

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    YES you definitely improved. You've got a better grasp of anatomy/ proportions and your lines are more confident. To keep improving, you should definitely keep doing these studies, but in order to learn more about specific body parts (like hands, feet, etc) you can also practice drawing them in isolation. I highly recommend sinix design marco bucci and atey ghailan. You will improve if you keep drawing so have fun with it!

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    Thanks a lot for the critique and recommendations, they are a great help!


    Nicer job on your 30 minute class modes, deltasa333, and most importantly, nicest job on your 2 minute (120 second) sketches. But, I've got one smallest of all the smallest requests: Why don't you do 5 119 second (1 minute, and 59 second) drawings [5x119=595 seconds, 9 minutes and 55 seconds], pretty please???????? Why??????? Because, your doodles will become more and more solider, fluider, dynamic, and rhythmic and looser than your last 2 minute sketches. Hope this helps even more so much.

    Polyvios Animations

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