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    Hey ya'll, I've been using this site for a while but at this point I'm not sure what can improve upon so I just wondering, am I on the right track? I've been aiming to reduce the stiffness of my drawings but torn between pushing the gesture more or holding back a bit.The first set was done in 30 secconds intervals and the second set was done in 2 minute intervals.

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    It looks to me that your on the right track and moving forward pretty well. Your lines seem pretty fluid in my oppinon,especialy the two minute gestures. At the very least you've captured the essence of each pose and I love the fact that your body types appear to vary. Keep going. I look forward to seeing some longer, more detailed studies as well.


    You’re absolutely on the right track. The head is a bit small in many of these but the proportions are generally pretty good.


    @TaooftheRaven @Josh_The_Stampede Thanks for the feedback guys. I really appreciate it.

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