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    Hi, I am a bit worried,... if I flip through the first 5 pages of "student work", literally half of the stuff posted is from me. And, frankly, I AM holding back quite a bit. I mean, it's the 21st century and we all live in an attention economy. I don't want to suck up all the oxygen in the room, so I wonder, how much exposing my own stuff is OK without appearing to attempt to conquer the site?

    I find it quite convenient to be able to post the results of my daily practice here, but, OTOH... Well, a lot of other students seem to do their entire lesson on a single page, which I find questionable from a didactic side, just because only practicing tiny scribbles isn't a very good way to learn good line art. But if I finish even a half-hour lesson, I am holding 18 pages of results. I am usually already only picking the ones I like best, which kind of feels like bragging. Then I have a discussion page in the forum on how to apply the Loomis method to actual photo reference. I finally got a response from someone who seems to have working experience with the method, and I am all giddy and feel the urge to show and discuss all my failed and successful attempts of the last two days, but that would be another 8 page bomb, and I am not even done practicing today.

    So, I would love to have some pointers from the owners of this site and other artists, how much posting max is still on the polite and civil side of things, before I start to annoy the living heck out of everyone else.

    Or would it be better to host all but a few pieces elsewhere and only post links in the forum? If so, which pieces would be most suitable to be hosted here? The best ones? The ones I struggle the most with?


    Aunt Herbert.

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    Hi Aunt Herbert!

    I don't think what's happening right now constitutes as spam. :) The sketchbook only shows a fraction of practice images for a technical reason: people with a doodler subscription are limited to 5 image uploads a month, and people with a full subscription get unlimited image uploads to their sketchbook. Members without a subscription cannot upload images. On the flip side, everyone can self-host their images and post them on the forums.

    This is likely why the submissions of some members (with a full subscription) can appear to overwhelm the student work pages, and why a lot of folks stick to the ciritique forums instead of uploading directly to the site.

    At the end of the day, that page in particular simply showcases recent uploads, and we're not going to limit anyone to only a certain number of uploads being shown on that page for now. You've paid for a subscription that allows unlimited image uploads and you're more than welcome to make use of that.

    If excessive image uploads are a problem for the 'student work' pages, the responsibility of managing this falls on us (specifically, Kim), not on the users using what they've paid for. :)

    How you want to manage this at the end of the day boils down to what you're happy with!


    You are absolutely fine! Upload as many images as you would like :)


    There's no such thing as too much art!


    Your work is awesome!

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