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    Hello, I have used This site for a bit, but I have never posted my drawings for critique. My main focus right now is on anatomy and proportions. I was wondering if you guys might have some critique on my 5-10 min poses here. If you see anything not related to anatomy and proportion I am open, but thought Id let you know that's my focus. Thank you in advance :)

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    Hello Tannaysart, and welcome aboard to line of action, and how do you do tonight? Greatest job on your range of human proportions, anatomy, and most importantly the organic lines of action. But, I'm not getting enough of the organic proportions and shapes and sizes. How would you like to do 30 minutes of 2 minute poses? As a result, your relationships will become the least stiffest and actually spontaneous like the real rubber hose cartoons of the oldest.

    Hope this helps out, but please look into some Milton Knight drawings and Bill Nolan Animaiton reels to study from. So, hope this has totally helped and inspired you and good night to you.


    Hello! I am well and you? Thank you for the feedback it is much appreciated :) I will try out some more shorter 2min poses to loosen up my drawings a bit, will do that tonight

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