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    I recently did a few animal studies, and I wanted to know if anyone had anything to suggest for how I could bring my art to the next level. Each study (except for "hupert" and the lion one) took me 45 seconds, so I don't mind the messiness. Also, let me know if the link isn't working and I'll try to fix it. Thanks in advance!

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    Bravo, Htlaps.

    Just for future reference, I love all of your animal pictures, but I'm not getting enough vitality and feeling in the edges. Would you please free up your lines to be just a little bit more cartoony and expressive, with 30 minutes of 44 second sketches, through our custom timer in the Animals drawing tool? (1800 seconds/44=41 pictures)

    The reason why is as a result, like I said, less stiffer mammals, and more dynamic, energetic, and fluid edges and shapes and spaces of them.

    So, good luck, cheers, and farewell.


    It would help you a lot to focus on pushing some lines, and choose where you detail. You want to put more detail in the focal parts of the animal, and push and exaggerate the lines that define the main shapes of the animal, that will give you more feeling. Its also important not to do too much detail on the entire animal, because it takes emphasis away from the important parts of the image, and makes it look messy.


    The drawings look quite nice to me, fluent lines, proportions on point, and you got a good eye for picking out distinctive shapes and placing masses...

    ... but with some of the drawings it took me a moment to figure out which line goes where. Worst offender is the baboon, where the line indicating his back is almost vanishing. Maybe spend the last few seconds checking the line weight, to make sure that the important lines, like overall outline or shape of a limb, are more distinct than pure rhythm lines, that rather indicate volume.

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