Another 30 min. figures drawing class, please give me critique. :D

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    Figure drawing:

    Another figure drawing:

    Head drawing:

    C&C are gladly welcome! :D

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    (This is overall for all 3 sets of critique images posted)

    Your 5 and 10 minute drawings don't look like they were drawn by the same artist as your 30s and 1m drawings. The short poses have strong gestures and are quite complete for the time allowed.

    The 5 and 10 minute poses are much stiffer and they don't seem to have the same sense of movement or space. They also have really heavy outlines, and the anatomical details don't flow from the gesture. The gestures of the hands and feet in the long poses are also not very accurate compared to when you get them into the short poses.

    Remember a gesture drawing is describing what moves. So you can draw an overall gesture, then place the major masses, and then do gestures to describe muscle groups, working from the biggest muscles down to the smallest. Yes, faces have muscles! So you can work that same trick on faces! If you're trying to work for more accuracy, this method can feel exaggerated, but if you're trying for good proportions, it can actually be a lot easier.


    Thank you so much for your critique, Torrilin! :D

    I may need to change how I observe and draw long poses. When it comes to long pose session, I try to capture more where major joints being placed, hope that it's help to get more accurate proportion but I think it make the gestures look stiffer too. For anatomy flow, I may need to change where curves being placed with the gesture flow in different angles. Of course, I will try the workflow you tell me for sure!, thank you for the advice again. :D

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