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    This website is really kind of awesome. I stumbled across it last night as I was searching for some kind of figure drawing resource.

    So, I did some.

    They're less gesture and more just drawing. These are timed (10 minutes each, probably a bad idea for someone who fixates on details), graphite on a small sketch pad.

    Thanks for your critiques!

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    Hello! I'm also new here.. I'm no expert, but I'll see if I can help! You have a very nice sense of proportion and anatomy, but your linework looks hesitant, like you keep going back over lines to make sure they're in the right spot. I bet you could improve your work greatly by placing down some nice dark bold lines and leaving them alone. I find that working in pen helps with this, since it kinda forces you to be bold. Just my opinion though. Good luck, happy drawing! :)


    Thank you so much for your thoughts! It's funny that you picked up on my hesitance and search for "perfection." It's something I recognize and am trying to push myself past. :)

    I really like the idea of using bold lines and working with pen. I'm going to try that probably this evening.


    Go for it! Pen's a little scary at first but once you get used to diving right in and letting the lines do what they want it's a really pleasurable experience. Plus it makes working in less-permanent medias a whole lot easier. It's a great confidence-builder. Best of luck!


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