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    Hello fellow artists,

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice on creativity. I am someone who has a very analytical and logical personality (ISTJ if you’re into Myers-Briggs) and coming up with creative ideas does not come very naturally to me, but it’s something I really really want in my work. When I do studies or gestures I mostly end up just copying what I see - which I've become quite good at - but when it comes to coming up with original ideas in my sketchbook, whether figure or environment or otherwise, it’s so difficult and I feel like even when I come up with an idea, I end up drawing it in a really stiff and boring way.

    Anyone have any thoughts or advice?


    P.S. And thanks to Line of Action for making this website such an incredible resource!

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    Try iterating on a subject. For example, if you want to draw a chair, go through a bunch of thumbnail sketches and choose the best. That'll force you to come up with more interesting shapes.


    Hi there Friend,

    I'm not sure if this will interest you but it is what comes to my mind to share with you. I hope you can have fun with it! Because drawing is fun, but lets not think of what we are going to draw right now. Lets just get a pencil and a piece of paper and some colors, whether its crayons, markers or colored pencils..lets do something that has no rules.

    1. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. And say out loud to yourself, "I am going to freely draw connecting lines all over my paper in a fun relaxed motion" You have now voiced your intention. With paper and pencil in front of you, draw some squiggly lines all over your paper with out lifting your pencil. make it all one continous line over lapping, making loops in all directions. Just go wild with it if you want. Its your moment of doodle! :) lol

    2. When your paper is full of lines and curves and loop'ty loops. :) put your pencil down. Close your eyes, take another deep relaxing breath, exhale slowly. Now open your eyes and look at your paper. Are there any shapes that stand out to you? What if you drew some eyes or facial features picaso style into some of the shapes what would emerge? Is there a small cirtique or line you could add or take away and a hidden object would be revealed? Let your mind wonder and see what it sees...No judgement only fun, sillness.Its a moment to let our inner child play with out rules or judgement from our analytical mind.

    3. Now take a moment to add color, our inner child loves color!! Color some loops, don't think about what color to use just grab the one that feels good to you at the time, maybe you see a dog or tree in your picture but you feel like using the color pink not brown or green. Then make a pink tree or dog! Thats why its fun, there are no rules! Its easy for us to forget that and then we become tense and we don't draw our best.

    This is meant to be an excercise in creativity and self-expression so there is NO wrong or right way to do it.

    I hope this was helpful and fun for you and I am glad your here because i think this website is AWESOME!

    Thank you "Line of Action" for this forum!


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