Any other VR (virtual reality) artists out there?

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    What's up gang? :D

    A couple of weeks ago I discovered an oil painting app for VR (virtual reality). It's called 'Vermillion' (available on Oculus Quest/Rift and SteamVR) and it aims to simulate realistic oil painting while providing a handful of digital tools alongside the experience, including layers and an undo button.

    While I have no prior oil painting experience, I have been absolutely THRILLED with the experience and the results. As I get to know the program better, I keep noticably improving. :) The hands-on experience without the mess, storage, smells, and expenses of buying all the supplies is something else!

    These are 3 of the 4 paintings I did in the app, in order of creation:

    Vermillion tutorial, Bob Ross inspired

    Tropical Paradise painting

    Octopus painting

    For those curious, I streamed the Octopus painting process. The first 6 hours or so were streamed live on Twitch, the remaining 14 hours were recorded and edited into a speedpaint video. (The Twitch stream videos are linked in the video description.)

    I know that there are other apps for VR besides Vermillion, but VR also still feels in its early stages for app development, so I'm not expecting there to be many folks out there who are actively pursuing this medium at this time.

    But... if you are.... what is your favorite program? What kind of things can you or have you done in it? What are the pros and cons for you? I'm very curious to know and connect!!

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    Ill check it out , painting while standing definitely has its advantages . I use gravity sketch but its for 3d.


    Hello, I am a “painting Vr” resident myself. There is also one called brushwork completely free


    Hello, I am a “painting Vr” resident myself. There is also one called brushwork completely free

    How exciting!! I have a VR study group now as well, feel free to check it out here:

    I've not yet looked into Brushwork, it looks like it's browser based? I'll have to give it a go. :D


    I almost forgot to post my most recent work. Made in Vermillion again. :) Took me a good chunk of time but I love how it turned out.

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