Any takeaways on these sketches and painting?

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    I skipped drawing and hands and a face for the painting since I'm still working on improving themSketches and painting here

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    Good evening, Fezz635, I'm Polyvios, how are you doing tonight? Greater job on both your sketches and your painting. Greater range of tones and gestures and proportions. Keep up the greater work. Move forward.

    However, I'm giving one smaller bit of constructive cirticism. I love how much shadows and lights you've got into your human figures, but the shadows seem that you've scribbled them in too much. Please plan out the graphic shapes of the lights and shadows of the figures. And while you're at it, practice your lights and tones with simple primitives with your desk lamp, if you have one in your home. If you want to do that suggestion, then I truly suggest you do it. The reason, so that simple forms are more easier to grasp on perceiving your values, tones and colors. For more details, then websurf some tutorials on mapping out your tones in your drawings and sketches. Hope these help you out very well for a long shot.


    Thankyou so much Polyvios! I'm gonna use the tips that you described to the fullest! Also on the sidenote, I really appreciate you being one of the sole critiques on this website and I thank you so very very much. Have a wonderful day/afternoon/night!

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