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    I've been trying to get more into drawing in the past month or so and I want advice on how I can imrove, thanks.
    This is probably the drawing I'm most proud of so far.

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    Draw everyday. It can be difficult to dedicate to when you have a lot of other things going on but, makes a huge difference is a very short period of time. Get a cheap sketch book and try to work on small pieces that you can complete too. That way your going through every step start to finish. It also gives you a nice feeling of accomplishment. You'll also have a small record of your progress and everyday you can see the fruits of your labor. I tried it myself for initially 20 days since it takes about that long to form a habit and after that it kind of just became something I did. Try associating it with a certain time as well (when you wake up or are about to go to sleep) if you can then it becomes almost a ritual. About every 10 days or so you'll see a few spikes in your abilities and you'll notice where you need to do some more work write those thoughts down on the back of the drawing. Or on it mark the changes you want to make or parts you don't like out with a red pen like teachers do in grade school since technically your grading yourself anyway. Lastly (since I'm starting to feel like I'm ranting) draw WHATEVER your favorite subject is. Really important while you're still forming the habit because it will make you want to draw. Apathy is really like the arch-enemy of the artist. I know this post was really long but I had and still go threw this so figured I'd help much as I could. BTW good job.


    Hi there! I fully agree and support what Eros said. :) It's a little hard to give an in-depth critique of your overall work based on one drawing, but I do like what you did!

    In some ways it still feels stiff, which makes me want to suggest gestures to improve your sense of dynamics. Is this something you already do?


    Thanks man, it feels nice that someone cared enough to write all that. I've been drawing fairly regularly for the past month or so and I can already see a difference but I can be fairly inconsistent, I drew that 2 weeks ago and haven't drawn anything nearly as good since. I try to draw as much as I can but sometimes find it hard to just sit down and concentrate.


    I know what you mean, I feel like I'm way too uptight when I draw and no, I haven't heard about the gestures before but I'll check them out, cheers.


    What you're experiencing is absolutely normal! You will have ups and downs in terms of progress. It's important to practice often, but also take breaks so you don't burn yourself out. You'll also be very biased towards your own work, so you may not notice a lot of improvement yourself even though you're steadily improving. It's best to let drawings sit for a few days before you look at them to study where to improve on, because it helps you get a better perspective.

    Gestures are very useful to capture motion and practice proportions with. Feel free to check out these articles!


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