Anyone up for the 100 day challenge?

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    Where do we post our drawings and see other artists' renditions?


    Hi Shiloh, and everyone else :) We are posting 100 day challenges to this group on discord:

    I didn't know how to use discord before starting this challenge but it's pretty nifty, and we have a lot of members posting their daily 100-challenge draws there. We have grown quite a bit and if you are interested in other topics such as animation or participating in weekly challenges we also do those there.


    It's very tempting but I'm so embarrassed by my art.


    Hey Dez, no worries. There are a lot of just starting artists in our group. A few also don't like to share their art and just post a comment on what they worked on each day. I would encourage you to at least participate in the chat as we are active and very encouraging. Since I started the discord group art criticism and feedback has been very fair and supportive. Just join and check us out if you want. You can post your art if and when you are comfortable :)


    Hey, CJSchildt. Thanks so much for the reply and for saying such encouraging things! I may join and check you all out, see how it is. I think kind support and someone to kick my butt might be just what I need!

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