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Hello once again, Stvalentine14, and good evening to you. Well, after looking at your video once tonight here in Salem, MA, and I say that you're making the most fantastic march of progress I've ever seen from anyone and someone like you. I assume that you're still making your marches of progress, but I feel that the line confidence and silhouettes and negative spaces are all becoming most perfectly perceptible. And the relationships, are most likely flowing out of you like no other. Yet, there's still not enough of your lines of action and the most liveliest lines of rhythm in your edges yet. Would you please just go ahead with your first 1 hour class mode of figures for the next 7 days, all done from your arms, and all done with pencils and pens?

The reason why is because, if your current goal is to make your drawings more fluid and liveliest instead of rigidest. For most details, please look into a copy of Ben Caldwell's Action Cartooning and Bridgman's Figure Drawing.

Let's hope they've worked out for you most excellently.


Great job. To an equally productive May!


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