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    I'm trying to study the anatomy of the arm and it's proving to be rather difficult to understand.  I've been looking at lots of references but there's one arm position with muscles descriptions that I can't seem to find.

    The position I'm thinking of is the side view of the 'inner-side' forearm and arm.  By this, I mean: imagine someone standing directly in front of you but their whole body is facing to the right. They then raise their left arm to a 90 degree angle and point their finger at something.  The way you would see the arm and forearm is what I'm trying to understand.

    Here's an image of what I'm sort of thinking (all credit to the person in the photo, I'm merely just using it as a reference of what I'd like to learn!).

    I can't seem to find any images of this pose, explaining the muscles in this position (so I can't really tell where the brachioradialis goes etc.).

    By any chance, does someone know of any image of the arm they could share with me, describing the muscles in this pose?

    Thank you very much!!  :)

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    Hi A_A

    Muscles around arms (and legs) can get pretty confusing, since they sometimes contour around the limbs. These muscles too me sometime to understand, but I'm no where from being good. So here's my take on this request

    I have been learning anatomy from Michael Hampton's book - Figure Drawing | Design and Invention. There's a pretty in-depth chapter on arms that you might find interesting.

    Here are some more images fore reference one, two, three, four, five, and six. Some of these image are drawings taken from the figure drawing book


    Thank you El Bow!!!  I really appreciate the trouble you went through to draw those!  :)  The diagram definitely helps; if I have my anatomy correct, at that angle 5 is the extensors and 6 would be the brachioradialis to the flexors?

    Wah, I've been trying to understand the arm muscles for a while now and they've been making my head spin.  If the leg muscles are just as tough... x_x

    Thank you again for your help, it certainly benefits me to see the muscles drawn in that particular way as you did.  If I can also find that book you recommended in my area, I'll pick it up!  I hope you don't mind if I save the references you posted up as well (purely for reference only!  I won't share them or anything of that sort.)?


    Deleted user

    Usually, the human's arms and legs are not suppose to be drawn straight, they have muscles and angles. Look at your references as as carefully as possible for the common angles. El Bow did the right thing of showing you those muscles from your reference, they make up for the angles. That will help so much in case you were doing a foreshortening limb. I sure hope this tiny bit of info helps in the long run.

    Good luck and God bless! :)

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