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    I did not get to put my avatar. Could you advise me?
    Not very well understood with Gravatar what to do.

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    Hello Syl!

    We don't set avatars on Line of Action itself. Gravatar is a tool that lets you upload an avatar on their site, and other sites (like Line of Action) where you use that particular email address will display the avatar you set.

    The steps you need to take are:
    - Visit www.gravatar.com
    - Create an account on their site with the same email address you used on Line of Action
    - Follow Gravatar's instructions on how to upload an avatar
    - Save! Your avatar should show up. :)

    Please give this a try and let me know if you still have any issues?


    Hello Sanne,
    Thank you for answering and my avatar is in place.

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