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    I was a $5 backer in the fundraiser and according to both the original email and the reward code email, that corresponds to a 6-month membership; however the code only registered as 3 months (ending Jan 9). Is this an error, or has the reward scheme changed?

    (I realise it seems a bit mean to quibble over $5 but I'd rather ask than not.)

    Love the goal-tracking, by the way!

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    Hi EmeraldBoa,

    It's not quibbling at all, you definitely deserve the full time. :) Sorry if it's been gotten wrong. We generated and sent all the codes by hand, so it's entirely possible we just misclicked when assigning the time on the code. Please email with your backer code so we can look it up and get things fixed for you. :)


    Thanks - will do :)

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