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    Hi! I'm an artist who usually only draws characters, but now i want to be able to put them in places and stuff but I'm having a really hard time drawing backgrounds. How should I approach drawing them and do you have any tips?

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    That's a very great question, Mika. I've got a swell littler idea for you.

    Did you know that you can practice your gesture drawings of backgrounds sort of like you could with your characters? Here, check out this here link:Background References

    The reason why I've put out this link is because, 1) I really haven't given studying those images yet at that point. And 2) They are extremely and definitely useful and beneficial for you and your goal. You don't have to only print them out, you can also bookmark those images, put them on reading lists, and then, download them all you can.

    Hope these things are all helpful, informative and encouraging.

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