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    Here's what I posted my first day of gesture drawing:

    I feel I have improved, but there still is a lot of work to be done. Any advice is appreciated:

    Also ignore the notes thats me trying to see if I can point out faults and internalize them

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    I think that you are definitely going in the right direction with your practicing! the notes are a great way to improve and how you build up the arms and legs in some of the figures with the disks is a great way to understand better how the body works. I think that right now continuing to practice is really important so you can start to learn more about what is wrong with your gestures. A problem that you seem to have right now is keeping everything in proportion, your arms and legs most often are either too small or too long. I think it would be helpful to try practicing some drawings of people just standing and doing some longer poses and taking a while to really map out the pose and keep in mind your proportions. I think what you're doing right now is amazing and just continue drawing and practicing different ways and leaving yourself more notes.

    Happy Creating!


    I love your lines and it is beautifull to see how quick someone can train their skills. Keep on going! you are doing fine.


    I've definitely been ignoring proportion when drawing the figures in favor of trying to understand the flow of the figure. Not sure how I forgot about proportion completely but I'll definitely work on it now, thanks for the feedback :)


    Well, Rhinne, greater work on your light sketches on your first Imgur post, and a really greater work on your second set of Imgur images in a post.

    I've got two more really smaller requests: You're totally on the righter track, keep it up! And second, to minimalize your line work in 1 30 second sketch, please? Because, you're gonna make your drawing more long in your lines, and have more larger in your line work.

    Hope you'll find it hugely essential to your next work, Polyvios Animations

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