been drawing almost a year. desperately need critique and guidance

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    this is something i just finished now. i wanted to challenge myself by creating a consistent 'comic' that would force me to use different references in different positions, to illustrate the person.

    im keeping track of my art and i know im improving, but i dont know how to smooth any of the edges. any guidance is much appreciated.

    thank you

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    Well, well, well, well, WELL, AuslerDraws, I'm been thinking all too much about your drawings (sorry if I'm exaggerating). They have a greater sequential range of motion, action and movement for your ninja character or personality.

    My futher recommendation is that though your rough poses are great at capturing your animator's line, Sakuga line, that is, but I really need to get more and more of the boldest and dynamic line of action in your poses. Would you kindly be able to go for 15 minutes of 30 second attitudes? (900 seconds/30 second pose=30 poses) And while you're at it, kindly find a reel of some of your favorite Sakuga animators on YouTube.

    The reason why you could and would and should do this is because, anybody and anything moves. Also, to make your lines the lightest, fastest, funniest, and liveliest lines of balance and rhythm. Trust me, this'll get to be a lot better with time.

    Good luck and sayonara,

    Polyvios Animations.

    P.S. What is your most latest and recent goal?



    Suggestion 1:

    Don't draw All of the outlines of the figure.

    Instead, Pretend your drawing like you are writing Moris code. Drawing or keeping only the ones that emphasise the gesture and emotion of your visual story.

    Why? The brain is fantastic at "Filling in the blanks", letting the viewer do some work for you.

    Suggestion 2:

    Change how you hold your pencil.

    Using an artist grip to draw from our elbow or shoulder makes longer, more beautiful, less sketchy lines.

    Or! If you do this already, draw with your weak hand, your mouth, both feet and with the crook of your elbows, knees, or armpits.

    Why? The drawing is Supposed to be a physical experience. If you want to learn about line quality, learn how your body moves. Also, when you use a weak body part to draw, your brain is not relying on top-down processing. Instead, it (your brain) is working bottom-up and is more engaged in the process of drawing and learning than if you draw with your strong drawing arm.

    ----this kind of exercise basically stops autopilot from taking over and from you creating the duplicate drawings over and over again.

    If you try any of the above, but notably if you choose one of the tasks from suggestion 2, you will be extra tired. Have a reward ready because you will continue to repeat the experience, even if you feel frustrated in your lack of control due to the prize. So whatever reward you choose to make it a good one!

    Happy lingering line experiments!

    All the best,

    JCML Fine Art

    Ps. Try to rotate your picture before you post it. For some, it may discourage them from giving advice. Nobody will care about your art or learning the way you do. Show your enthusiasm and investment in your work when you present it. I know it sounds hard when it's just a gesture, but it is the small bits that make you stand out.


    Your proportions are good and I can see you mapping out the actions of the character. I haven't yet attempted a comic so I commend you.

    As for line smoothness, I agree with what was said above about trying lots of shorter poses, drawing with your body, and tricking your brain by using new muscles. I would add that using a new medium can be useful--something that won't allow you to be hesitant. I have tried dark charcoals and a paintbrush with watery black acrylic paint. Challenge yourself to capture the motion of the figure in broad strokes. an arm or a leg or a torso can be suggested in one line.


    Hey! Maybe try to draw a small context with your drawing (dash line, perspective hints..), it will help emphasize the dynamism of your drawing and help you to practice backgrounds too. i don't know if it helps but i hope so :))


    thank you, ive appreciated the advice youve given up until now. currently my goal is understand the muscles of the limbs and torso, so i can actually draw with some level of detail. im also trying to relearn how to shade and use light which is really hard

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