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    As the title suggests, I've been doing more gesture drawing as of recently after not doing it for a while now. My main goal as an artist is to be an animator/storyboard artist, so my objective when it comes to figure drawing is to make my poses as fluid and lively as i can, and to really capture a sense of motion and life.

    These are all from a session I did today and the pages have all been labled with the amount of time I spent on each pose.

    If you all have any critiques or suggestions for improvement it is all very much appreciated, thanks.

    edit: hopefully the link works now

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    Hey, I just selected the link, then copied the link and later, pasted it on the address bar. The image is a blank box, and the link is totally unclickable. Please fix it up.

    Thank you for your time and cooperation.

    Polyvios Animations.

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    Whoops, sorry about that. Hopefully it works now.


    Hey Array,

    Frankly, I'm envious of your 30 second drawings. You capture the form with such percision and flow in that short amount of time! I think that will serve you well in storyboarding.

    I will say, at least in my experience, that I tend to avoid things that I'm not super confident in doing in my art. And all the way down to your five minute drawings I don't see a lot of detail in the face. It has such potential for conveying and changing the emotion of an pose! I would suggest focusing on that. Perhaps some 30 second sketches of faces only? Then eventually combining some of those line shorthands for faces in your figure drawing.


    Hey, thanks for all of the kind words.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed my 30 second poses, and yeah, I do need to start putting more focus on the facial details. I've tried 30 second portrait studies once before, but I never got too confident with them, which lead me to avoid adding portrait drawing in my practice sessions like you said.

    Thanks again so much for the feedback, it's very much appreciated.


    Hey there!

    I recognize the images that you are working with from the poses, so thats definatly a good thing.

    Since you are looking to get into storyboard and animation, I would recomend focusing even more on the relative position of the hips and shoulders, find the tilt between them and experiment with pushing it even a little bit further. Many of the poses that come up in the gesture drawing cycle are pretty static images, so perhaps try taking what you see and pushing the movement (angles and stretches of the body) further, see if you can hit a point where its "too much" movement. I am just thinking about animations where the artists pushed the movement to 11, Dead Cell animations, Kill la Kill, one punch man, in all those cases they push the movement so far that its not even vaguely human, but it looks AWESOME.

    Looking good.
    Good luck!


    I agree with Drawing Pete - I recognize some of my photos in your drawings which, in my humble opinion, means you are capturing the intent of the poses.


    These are some good 30 seconds drawing.

    You can also try the bean technique:

    You draw the torso first by drawing a "bean": a round part for the rib cage and one of the pelvis. There are plenty of research and demonstration on google you can find.

    There are plenty different techniques to draw and to understand the subject.

    It can be just a different way to draw and expand your knowledge.

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