Been months of doing this and feel Like I Haven't improved much?

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    I've watched plenty of force videos and ones for proportions and several books (Including mike mattessi's). usually restricting myself to 4 minutes usually not able to get many of the wrapping lines done by this point. Not all of them were finished in time. I think I have a lot more trouble doing straight on poses with the force method than back/side poses.

    A lot of these errors I feel like is more on the low amount of time I've given myself for each but even with more time I feel like I always have some type of problem getting the torso right before anything else (proportions between the ribcage and pelvis, especially within the time limit but even with the cranial unit measurement method I feel like I make everything look off). I really want to move on more to anatomy or construction with shapes but without a good base of a gesture the proportions and angles of everything are completely off.

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    None of the images are loading in your google drive, so its hard to give a good critique at the moment.

    I can tell you that shouldn't try to master gesture before you practice contruction with shapes. Gesture may be one of the first things we are taught for figure drawing, but its REALLY REALLY HARD to get good at it. Its a good idea to work on the later steps of constructing a figure, that way you can check your work and find out parts of the gesture drawing help with your construction and what doesn't.


    Greetings, SharpencilMaster, and welcome to Line of Action, I'm Polyvios Animations, I'm doing greater, but how are you? My hobbies are animating, posting, drawing, painting, sketching, acting, and cartooning, but what are your hobbies?

    Say, your gesture drawings are well intuited but more simply sculpted in their organic drawing of shapes but forms of the figures, therefore, bolder choices of functional reference. Please keep on pushing yourself far, but then push farther. And yet, I think that your figural constructions all seem a bit too wobblier but rigidly to me yet, in terms of the appendages (like legs and arms). How would you kindly like to try out our interactive drawing tutorial RRRRRRight here on this website?

    As a result of this tutorial, then your visual communication skills will increase thousandfold, but your solid constructions of the human figures and the like will be well articulated, but lesser than stiffer, but more fluider, and therefore, livelier.

    For even more than enough details, please be sure to look into some YouTubes of quick sketching in gesture drawing available like this one,


    and this,


    and more.

    My hat's off to you and your very first goals.

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    Firstly, I'm sorry that my English is really bad, but I think it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, you study the basics of line, basic shapes in 3D, perspective, as well as other fundamentals that are VERY important, in addition, don't be afraid to improve your skills. quickly, because the most important thing is for you to understand why the pose wasn't good and why you didn't read it well, because understanding where you're going wrong, and finding a way to correct your mistakes, will be of great help. help. I couldn't see the photos on Google Drive, but I hope my comment helps you in some way.

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    Going to step in with the assumption that you've already tried what's being suggested to you and suggest something a bit more abstract.

    You may need to brush up on some of the previous suggestions, but it's also possible that the approach you're taking is a poor fit for you; regardless of if you feel like you're improving, do you feel like you're learning? There is no one way to learn art, and repetition without really poking at your habits and methods doesn't work for everyone (it doesn't work for me, in fact - I need to understand what I'm doing to improve at it).


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