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    Hi everyone! I'm new at gesture drawing, I've been practicing a bit the last few monts but as I study a non artistic course at college I haven't been so dedicated to it. Besides, it's been ages since I took drawing lessons. Yesterday I took an hour lesson from this website, so I'll show you the final three sketches.The first and second poses took me 10 minutes each one, and the third 25. I'm sharing a google drive link so you can see them. I hope you all have great day and please stay home!!

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    Your drawings are so amazing you got the movement so will in most of your drawings

    you need to study some anatomy to help your lines to be more dynamic and to be able to capture the humane forme easier

    you are using too many hard shapes to simplify the human figure

    do more 30sec sketches

    keep the good work

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    I would suggest trying to use fewer lines. If you draw something and it's not in quite the right place, don't worry about it, just move on to the next part. I know this can be hard to do, and I have trouble with it myself, but you can "ghost" some of your lines by drawing so that your pencil almost touches the paper. Also, don't feel like you need to keep working on a drawing for the whole 25 minutes or so. Just draw until you feel like it's done, then skip to the next image.

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    I just absolutely love the subtle and insightful gestures in some longer poses, ventostrinidad. But I've got one small critique: I don't really got enough of the strong action in the poses and attitudes. Why don't you pick up a copy of two Walt Stantchfield books. If you are ready and you are willing to become a traditional hand-drawn animator, be sure to click on these links and buy them:Drawn to Life Books 1 And 2

    The reason why it's because, it's from a series of lecture notes all completely piled up into two different volumes; and, it's got some very applicable gesture drawing skills for all sketching, not just animation. Hope and sweat it being totally helpful. Stay safe and keep gold.

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